Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trip To Singapore - Bishan Library, Sentosa World's Resort

Not that many pictures this time. We didn't know where to go. Plus the gf was totally tired from cycling at Pulau Ubin and East Coask Park the day before. I suggested she brought me to any public library in Singapore, which is quite close to a mosque since it was Friday. So, we went to Bishan.

Yours truly here.

She made black pepper fried rice! Good breakfast. Guess where we had our breakfast? Outside the Bishan MRT station LOL

She loves cold drinks. That's how she gets sick most of the time. =P


After breakfast, we headed straight to Bishan public library. Man, I should have taken the pics of the building, I love how the library looks so modern, giving the awesomely cool aura. I guess that's why there are many young people there; pri and sec school kids, teenagers. There were heaps of books there too. Old people, small kids, pri school kids and sec school kids, parents. Oh, it was school holidays that day, celebrating children's day or something. Anyway, I can see that this is very positive. I'd love to see such thing happening here in Malaysia too. One day, surely. =)

After Friday prayer, we couldn't decide where else to go, so we went to Vivo City again. I guess, Vivo City has become my favourite hang out place now. 

I was too hungry for rice, so I had nasi campur.  =P We had lunch at Banquet - it's a foodcourt.

Huurr? *blur sotong =P*

I knew she was up to something when she asked me to do this!

Last minute decision to go to Sentosa World's Resort on Sentosa Island. We took bus. You could take the monorail from Vivo City too. The ticket is pretty expensive - $3 SGD two ways. This picture was taken at the entrance. No, we didn't go to casino. I don't even know how to play poker.

But I know she can make a poker face =P

Menanti candy jatuh ke dalam mulut.

She is the most lame-st girl I've ever met. But I still <3 her. =P

Jelly Belly~

She got sugar rush from just looking at candies.

Oh, forgot to mention that we were in front of the largest candy store in South East Asia...or is it Asia? I don' remember the name of the store though. =P

She wanted me to take pics of her 'lifting' the globe. But I was not that good  in giving instruction. 

The Lake of Dreams...or something along that line..

We then headed to the beaches. There are three beaches, Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach and Tanjung Beach. We already went to Palawan Beach last December which I never blog about. Hehehe. This pic here was taken at Siloso Beach. Somewhere near there.


She was craving for Japanese ramen. So we headed to the only Halal Japanese restraurant (I think it's the only one) Ramen Ten. She had Tomyam Chicken Ramen and I had...I forgot the name.


Okay, next post will be the last one, on my raya trip to her friends' houses and hers too.



wanhairi said...

best nyer jalan2 kt singapore... nak ole2...

JaJa'Z said...

nice2..teringin nak gi universal studio....pokok candy tu cute sangat! hehhe..

Padfoot said...

lol at the picture u tried to push that guy down the river~

niesh™ said...

nak pergi sana jugak, banyak sweet!!! haha

yanz said...


so cantik together. hehe. (i anyhow use one, it seemed appropriate given my limited vocab)

aja aja fwighting!

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

wanhairi, best. kumpul la duit. hehe

kak ja, saya ada plan nak gi. ye la, mahal amat dalam duit malaysia.

padfoot, LOL too. XP

niesh, pergi jangan tak pergi.

hey alva, surprised to see u. thanks for the compliment. hehehe,don worry u used that word correctly. hehehe
aja aja fighting too! =D

cahayasuci said...

~huhu...bestnye holiday same2...well...i would love the large candy...haha...seminggu makan pon x habis...citer la lgi...=P~

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

best kalau ada duit lah. baru boleh pergi banyak tempat, stay lama sikit.


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