Saturday, October 9, 2010

This Is The Story That Must Be Told

Well, not really. I just suddenly got into Too Phat mode. Don't ask me why. I guess coming across Too Phat's old MV Jezzebelle made me feel like listening back to the old school rapping. Wait a minute, Too Phat was never old school, has never been yo, yo yoyo! =P

Just thought of sharing my experience going for two interviews on the same day.

Jeng jeng jeng jeng!!!

The first interview was at this new biotech company, Ligno Biotech Sdn. Bhd. Sounds like the kind of place that suits my qualification - biotech. So, when I got email for a meeting/interview to take up Research Assistant post, I was pretty much excited. Yet at the same time, I was nervous, embracing myself for the worse should I not be able to answer any questions asked by the interviewer.

The second one was from Nuffnang, for Blogger Liaison post. Hahaha, yeah, yeah I know, I can see your raised eyebrow asking me, what the heck a science graduate like me doing applying to work at Nuffnang. I thought I should just try my luck. Yes, not a good reason to apply for work. Jangan tiru aksi ini!

On that day, things didn't start quite well. I left my mobile phone at my cousin's place. Was in the elevator when I realised I didn't have my phone with me. I checked my pockets, bag - negative. Ya RABBII!!!!! I already saved the address of my interview places for the day. Lucky I remembered the addresses since I had been reading the emails I got from both the company and Nuffnang zillion times. Thank God.

Oh, I did blog about how on Google Map got two Ligno Biotech? Yeah, so we followed the right one that morning, me and my cousin. Because my cousin got something to do also, I asked him to just drop me off at the Mamak's. I was confident the place was just nearby. Hehehe..and I was right. But only after I checked my email again (thank God for my dad's mobile broadband!) in the taxi and that uncle said, "Laa, you tak cakap mau pegi Taman Perindustrian 2! hahaha" Hehehe..malu sebentar. And gone my RM7.90.

I reached that place 9.25am. The interview was scheduled at 10 am. But better be early than punctual eh? So, while waiting, I had this shadow interview, sort of like shadow boxing, when a boxer is about to enter the ring to get themselves all hyped up. And I arranged my certs accordingly. And I got my necktie too. It'd been a while since the last time I wore a necktie. heheh

A bit paiseh when I entered the building.Seemed I was the only one wearing so smart. =P I was shown to an empty room and told to wait for the researcher, known as Dr. Tan. And while waiting, the lady gave me a piece of paper with a list of questions to answer. The questions were pretty much about basic stuff; chemical formula of calcium chlorid and some other chemicals, how to calculate molarity, concentration, how to run a PCR machine but this one question, I had trouble answering. I was panicking already. Scared, I won't get the post. Then, about 20 minutes after that, Dr. Tan came in. He took the quiz and we talked. Yeah, the interview was so casual I thought for a sec I was there for some motivational and career talk. Really. But he did ask me some serious questions like what do I know about his company, what did I learn last time, have I ever used this equipment before, what job I want to do in this biotech industry and all that. Thankfully, I answered those questions he asked really good. I was confident.

He did ask me before I left, do you want to work here?

I gotta say, the job descriptions are really interesting. The experience is what I need to go further in biotech industry. The pay isn't that attractive but at this stage, I'm not that bothered by that. Since I'm bonded to JPA, I still have the option of working in government sectors but I hope I won't get called.

At this stage also, I just want to have something else to add in my resume.
That's the first interview. The second one shall wait.


cahayasuci said...

wah...interview already? guess u did well.. i think those basic question based on chemistry..the basic one..sure u'd answer well..why don't u try to apply at Institut farmaseutikal dan nutraseutikal in Penang? the place that i do my research... they need a research officer...a biotechnologist i guess..quite good facilities..just try...u have a great qualification after all..=P

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

adib did tell me about it. good stuff u got urself in. thanks for the recommendation too, i guess i shall give it a shot. thanks ;)

cahayasuci said...

a misunderstanding didn't really working's just a collaboration of research..but i think..after i finish my project..i'll think about working at iPharmn..they'll have a new set of building...3 large department which needs a lot of RO(s)..haha..well..good luck!.=P


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