Monday, October 11, 2010

Second Interview - Nuffnang's Blogger Liaison

Okay, moving on to the second interview last Tuesday. This time, I have to get going to Heritage House, just right behind Sheraton Hotel. I don't remember the street name but Nuffnang was helpful in giving the direction. Take monorail to Medan Tuanku and look for a building right behind the Sheraton.

As I finished my interview that morning around 10.45am (pretty long for a casual interview) I straight away took a cab to Serdang KTM Station. Not bad eh for a country boy like me to know my way to KL Sentral, hehehe. Since it was still early I went to look for Heritage Building, which houses Nuffnang. It took quite a while from KL Sentral Monorail station to Medan Tuanku, but once I reached the station, I asked this pakcik where's Sheraton Hotel. Was a bit embarrassed because that hotel stood up just right in front of me =P So, I found the place. Eh, not that far from the monorail station, so convenient. Unlike the first place I went that morning. Need a car (since I don't have motorcycle license) or stay in one of those housing areas nearby.

After checking out the place, I just on the spot decided to go to Low Yat Plaza. Hahaha, for fun. If girls go window shopping on bags and clothes, or jeweleries for some, I find comfort, joy (and a bit of frustration =P) seeing all those laptops, smart phones, game consoles, and PCs. Shall leave it there. Won't talk more about it. T___T

So, after Zuhur, I quickly rushed back to Medan Tuanku. By the time I was there in front of Nuffnang office, I realised something. Those people working in this kind of industry, "where young and creative minds gather" they don't wear something so, skema no? I began to feel a bit nervous. What if they think I'm an uptight person, no fun person. OMG OMG OMG.

Now that I think about it, I wish I have someone there to slap me hard so that I would snap back. LOL

So, I pressed the bell.

No one came.

Pressed again.

The door was still shut closed. Not opened.

Then, I pressed it hard, I heard the bell. Oh, I didn't press it hard enough rupanya.. =P

Came these two ladies welcoming me, but looking rather shocked/surprised seeing a guy wearing all smart, with necktie some more. When I stepped into the office, I didn't see any guy wearing the same thing like I did! I collapsed there straight away. Naah, just kidding. Actually at a glimpse got this guy, who was chairing a meeting at the left side of the office with some other people, I think he was wearing long sleeve shirts and necktie too. But he looked way better than me. So, I collapsed again this time my mouth foaming. Naah, jks. =P

So, again on the same day, I was shown to a room, and asked to wait. Then came in Robb Chew, the head of the Blogger Relations department. He gave me his name card, and at that point what he did reminded me of what Japanese always do when they meet new people - give name cards. Dozo, dozo. =P

Anyway, I don't know why, can't explain it, but must be my unpreparedness that got me all stuttered answering Robb's question, what do you know about Nuffnang. Man, everyone knows Nuffnang is a blog advertising community but I just couldn't say it that simple. I went that corner, then stopped, aaaaaa.. then went to another corner, then aaaaa... If there was one thing that got him wow at me, it must be that time he asked me how I managed to play all three sports in one week.  =___="

Anyway, all is well. We did talk about bloggers who blog for the sake of money only, about how some people just recently pick up blogging once they read Kosmo!'s article on Nuffnang. Robb said he finds such people irritating because they don't understand what Nuffnang really does.

In short, rather than having the advertisers go for blogs with high traffics only, say, more than 2000UV per day, Nuffnang gets a bulk of ads from its clients, and allocates it accordingly to bloggers in the Nuffnang community. So everyone stands a chance in Nuffnang. But of course those with higher UVs can earn more. And Robb says blogging should be for fun, and earning money from blogging should be a reward, not a primary objective. I just nodded. =P

Before I left, Robb said if I get hired or shortlisted for the second interview, I will get a reply this coming Friday. But meh, I don't think I will get called up. Good experience nevertheless. =P


ps: Because I left my phone at my cousin's place that morning, I couldn't snap any picture. I did take a photo using his phone but the photo was so blurry, not clear at all. =/
pps: Takziah kepada keluarga mangsa-mangsa kemalangan jalan raya di Melaka malam semalam.


JaJa'Z said...

pi mana2 interview..mesti la kena smart Dan..tak kira la kerja apa pun..first impression tu dah kena WOW!!!!

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hehe, ada sekali interview pakai smart casual je, sebab diorang kata no neck tie please hahah =P

teringat cerita habil qabil, aaron aziz pakai smart2 pergi mintak kerja kat construction site. LOL


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