Thursday, October 7, 2010

Same Story Boring!

I'm back home in Kerteh! Woohoo!!
I've been talking about my interview non stop since the day I left for KL yesterday. Let's talk about other stuff....
Okay, that's a bit hard. LOL I'm still a bit excited since I got the interviews. And from both interviews, I can see that I need more preparations to give better performance when I'm being interviewed. I know I can do better but I'm pretty happy with what I did.

Well, let's talk about my journey to the East =P. It was okay, still the same bus, Plusliner even though I have experienced one ugly and unforgettable event last time when I took this bus. Yeah, I got left behind at RnR. Hahahah, I'll talk about this later.

Just now, in Kijal just before the stalls selling lemang, there was this long queue of vehicles. I thought there was a car accident ahead.

Ah..not that clear. Should have gone to the front. Only got 2 passengers including me from Kuantan to Kerteh just now. 

I thought at first some stuffs on this lorry had been thrown out.

Bummer! Didn't get to take pics of an old pakcik lying down by the roadside. A car (I think Myvi?) was all wrecked in that drain. Apparently the slow traffic could be because people wanted to see what's going on or just didn't want to risk causing another accident.

I hope the pakcik is alright. I saw his wife (must be) covering his head wound. I wonder if someone called for ambulance just now...



wanhairi said...

hw mny pssnger in da bus? seems like an empty bus..huhu

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

2. from kl kuantan got a lot, most of them got off in kuantan. heh


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