Sunday, October 31, 2010

Piala Malaysia Milik Kelantan

So, last night me and my housemate decided to watch the final match between Negeri Sembilan and Kelantan. We went to this tomyam seafood restaurant....owned by Kelantanese.....hahahahha.

You see, I was supporting Negeri Sembilan. Though I never really follow local football scene I thought of supporting Negeri Sembilan since my dad is a Negeri 9er =P. So we ordered the food, and had our dinner while watching the match. It was really hard not to shout and cheer because I love to shout, scream and cheer whenever I watch sports. Be it football, badminton, basketball, tennis. Hahaha yeah, I know, pretty weird. =P Anyway the first half Negeri Sembilan played a really superb game. Kunalan was really crucial at the right side though he was seen almost everywhere on the pitch. It was his fast sprint into the penalty box that gave Negeri Sembilan the chance to convert a goal from the spot kick. Negeri Sembilan took charge of the game in the first half, period.

Pekena tomyam, ayang goreng kunyit =P dan telur bungkus.  Hehehe

But I couldn't do much, LOL I wanted to scream when Negeri Sembilan took the lead 1-0 but everyone in the restaurant was like "Nate beruk!" so I just kept quiet and clapped. I don't think they noticed me clapping hahaha =P

So, even though the match was full of attacking from both Kelantan and Negeri Sembilan, I felt so, not free. Like a peacock that can't fly (The Other Guys 2010 LOL) At the end, when the final whistle was blown, I joined the other Kelantanese there clapping hands hahah... =____=" I wonder too what would happen if I told them I was supporting Negeri Sembilan.  =P

Looks like we have our own hooligans too. Malaysia version. Probably not as bad as the English hooligans where sometimes players, referees received death threats. Heck more than 1 person died already because of all the clashes between fans. But now I think it has declined, all this.

Anyway, Kelantan, congratulations. You guys deserved to win, with such a brilliant performance. I love a match that is full of attacking and a lot of goal opportunities. For that thank you Kelantan and Negeri Sembilan. I think our football can be improved, can be better. Hmmm...maybe it's just me but our players need to be fit. Go workout or something?  =P
And to Malaysian football haters out there,  go play with yourself if you know what I mean. =P



Rex said...

oooh, kelantan menang ka? mamat kelantan seko kat sini xriuh pon.. -_-

(ceh, aku busy study konon..excuse2..hehe)

JaJa'Z said...

hahahha...duduk tgk bola dengan tertib yek..hehhe..kalau Dan jerit kuat time n9 goal..u also get 'nate beruk' too...

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

eh, rasyid, pelik tu. aku ingat dia kata monash sponsor tengok bola? hahha aku kena tipu. =P

kak ja, tu la pasal. bukan setakat nate beruk, kene katok sekali mungkin =P

Rex said...

eh idak.. maksud die tu is die pegi monash tgk bola.. tapi time balik umah, xde la plak nak bergumbira ke ape.. hahaa.. ko xkene tipu, jgn risau ;p

P.S: laaa..aku baru perasan yg aku xdpt email notification kalo2 ade org reply kat page ko ni.. huhu.. ntah2, komen2 aku dlm post ko yg sblm2 ni pon aku xbalas.. maaf ye

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

ooo begitu ke. ceh, aku ingatkan memang free sponsor kat tv ke. harharhar!
oh relax la, standard aa tu. tak semua orang subscribe untuk reply to comment. hehe


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