Sunday, October 24, 2010

Of Anonymous in Formspring 2

Here is the sequel to the first part. (LOL =P)

I did say that I'm gonna blog about this one question asked by anonymous about loving two women at the same time. Though I said it will be a long answer, unfortunately I failed to deliver a long answer (partly because I got too many things to deal with then)

So, here is my answer.

Hahaha..pretty short, and so not gonna score full mark Not even half of the mark allocated! What do you guys think? I'm pretty sure women/girls/ladies will agree with me. And they will say how guys got itchy balls that's why they flirt around, not satisfied, not happy with one. And some guys will say, a true and fair man can love two women at the same time. LOL

Those kinds of men are fossil in today's world. I got no scientific findings, data to support my statement just now, but really. We heard a lot of stories/gossips/news of some married couples broke up. It's not happening to celebrities only but to us, the non celebrities. Hmm, then again, it might be that last time gossips didn't really travel as fast as now. =P

Then, I got another two more questions from anonymous.

kapel? kapal? LOL
When the gf first heard/read of the word kapel, she pronounced the word so funny that I laughed. She thought it was kapal? LOL So, when I told her that's the malay version of couple, it was her turn to laugh. Yeah, really funny actually, when English words are converted to Malay.
I think she will find this funny too. =P

finally a question that has nothing to do with relationships LOL

Hmm, I can guess the anonymous must be a long lost friend; pri schoo, high school, INTEC, or maybe my cousin. Siapa aa???

That's all from my Formspring. I feel like going to Midvalley. Watch some movies wahahah!
What? Watch movie alone is pathetic??

maybe I am...(sad song playing)



JaJa'Z said...

Absalutely not mE ok!!! hahahahha

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahaha ok, confession dari kak ja! LOL XP


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