Friday, October 22, 2010

MRT? Sounds About Time

According to this uncle I met at Kemaman bus station where both of us and some other passengers were waiting for the bus to Larkin, Johor Bahru.

The uncle is from Singapore, going back to Singapore. We talked about a lot of stuffs. He is an engineer and was in Terengganu for work. He took bus because he still didn't know his way around there but the next time he has to come he will be driving. I thought he would be all negative about Malaysia since he got conned (I think because nobody pays RM8 for 4 sticks of yong tau foo, bought from a stall, no?) but he praised Malaysia's road system.

"You guys already have the flyovers when we Singapore still with our normal highways."

Though he felt that the government should have invested in developing MRT instead of LRT as the population in KL is much bigger than that of Singapore. Well, I can't agree more with that.

The proposed MRT lines. Damansara-Serdang, Kepong-Cheras and city circle lines. Cool, no?

Looking at the proposed MRT lines, I will be happy to see that places like Cheras, Serdang will be accessible  by MRT, fast train, not Komuter. Komuter is kinda...slow? Hahah XP
And I'm pretty sure with these many MRT lines it will prove to be critical in cutting down the numbers of vehicles on the road, thus almost zero (if not zero) traffic jam. Cool no? Let's beat Singapore! XP


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