Monday, October 18, 2010

Morning Is Indeed The Best Time 3 =P

Wah!! Went out with my parents for almost 4 hours! After Subuh, I went back to sleep, though I know sleeping after Subuh is not encouraged because one might lose a lot of good opportunities or in Malay we say rezeki. But when you're living with your parents most of the time you still get the rezeki. Hehehe, so my dad woke me up and asked me to get ready for breakfast.

We now always go to this one nasi lemak stall in Paka, owned by a Negeri Niner (LOL) and I gotta say, that's the best nasi lemak ever in Terengganu. Besides the delicious nasi lemak with sambal paru, my dad got to speak Negeri Sembilan with the owner. Pretty cool actually watching 2 Negeri Niners speaking in their own dialect, in Terengganu. It's kinda like speaking Terengganu in a global company where everyone speaks English =P

After breakfast we headed to Dungun because my dad wanted to go to his favourite tailor there. Not sure if Wah Cheong Tailor is famous or not in Dungun but my dad has been to the shop ever since we moved in to Terengganu 16 years ago.

It was after my dad settled his business there that we stopped for more than 30 minutes by the beach side, watching the fishermen pulling their nets to the shore. Pretty cool. Not my first time, but definitely my first time in many years.
From far. Was in the car because it was drizzling then.

Followed my dad to get to the fishermen a bit closer.
It took them 20 mins or so to pull the fishing net back to the shore.
..getting smaller and closer to the shore.

Anchovies. Pretty big huh?

Trying to get other big fishes that got trapped in the net.

See that lady squatting down? She was putting all the small fishes, anchovies in a plastic bag. LOL

Waa..pretty big. Buak budu sedak ni! (Would be delicious to make budu =P)

On our way back.

Only got anchovies (bilis) and some ikan todak, ikan cermin. Got a couple of ikan parang, but the fishermen threw them back to the sea. Wonder why.

And I'm impressed how clean is the beach. It reminds me of the time me and my family went picnic last July in Kijal, the beach was really, really clean. Felt like I was not in Malaysia. Proud of how things are changing for the better here. 

So, my morning started off really good, on the right foot, had good food, watched something cool too. =P 
The last time I got to enjoy Monday morning like this, because next Monday I'll start working already. Ah~
How did your morning start just now? 



JaJa'Z said...

wah! pagi2 dah jenjalan ek..memang seronok tgk orang tarik pukat..teringat terus kat pak teh Naim..zaman dedulu kan suka ikut pak tih pi tarik pukat..tgk ikan yg dapat pun dah cukup best dah..terus tok amik buat ikan masin..ikan masin tok is the best everrrr..hehhe

me,fasting today...

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hehehe..saya pon suke ikut pak teh. teringat time kecik2, saya lemas. saya ingat samar2 je, tenggelam timbul, tenggelam timbul. sekali pak teh angkat saya, pegang rambut LOL. nasib baik pak teh sempat jumpe, kalau tak arwah!

JaJa'Z said...

ek? ada ek citer tu..tak teringat plak akak...dulu kecik2 memang suka ikut pak teh..cuba skang ni..maunya nak ikut sampai ke dalam laut nuh..idakla..tengok dr pantai bleh la..hehheh

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahaha last saya ikut, 2005, tangkap udang. habih handphone mati dah letak dalam poket tak bawak keluar! hanan plak kena penangan si obor-obor! macam2 la hari tu LOL


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