Friday, October 8, 2010

Morning Is Indeed The Best Time 2

Since when got part 1 part 2? I don't know but since I'm the blog owner I can do pretty much everything LOL wth.

But you gotta agree with me morning is indeed the best time. I reckon many people are familiar with this

Jangan tidur selepas Subuh, pintu rezeki tertutup.

And this morning, I didn't go to sleep, as always hehe. Good son. =P

My parents were on their way to send bro and sister to tuition when my dad suddenly remembered about the roti gulung that my lil brother wanted. I saw three sausages on a pan. I was about to eat those before my dad told me those were for the roti gulung. I was still a bit blur, roti gulung? Sore wa nani?(what's that? =P) 

My dad taught me how to make roti gulung. He explained it really well, that I was able to understand and take on the challenge to prepare roti gulung for my little brat Hafiz.

Hey, I haven't had my cooking show here on my blog for quite some time, so let's start, 


The ingredients you need - 

Bread and cooked sausage. Just now there were three cooked sausages so I used 3 pieces of bread,

One egg should be more than enough if you are only using 3 sausages.

So, what do you do?

1.Wrap the sausage with bread. One sausage one piece of bread.

2. Coat the bread-wrapped sausage with the beaten egg. The egg acts like a glue sort of. 

3. Then, fry!

Fry until it's golden brown Oh Yeah!
 4. Tadaaa!! Good to go. In your stomach! hehehe

Got some eggs left so I made french toast.

Itu dia puan-puan, kakak-kakak, adik-adik semua, rancangan memasak kita kali ini. Stay tune next week! XP



JaJa'Z said...

meh akak ajar satu teknik tak nak bagi roti serap minyak terlalu banyak dan menggulung sosej tu jadi lebih kemas..

roti tu Dan gelek dulu bagi nipis..bila dah nipis,roti tu jadi mampat sket dan dapat balut sosej lebih kemas..dah minyak pun tak serap banyak bila menggoreng..try it out ok...

sebab akak dah try buat mcm tu masa buat sardin became more crispy...

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hehehe thanks kak ja. smart ah! XD


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