Saturday, October 23, 2010

Monorail In Sunway

When I did my internship in PJ, I stayed for over a month in Sunway. Yeah pretty far considering I took rapidkl bus or merobus to Asia Jaya then took LRT from Asia Jaya station to Taman Jaya station which is one stop away only =P

Anyway, it was at that time I heard there a monorail project was proposed in Sunway. I didn't know the details, only that my friends said it will be connecting Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Medical Centre to the surrounding neighbourhood. And the project was still in early stage, hadn't been approved yet.
I went to visit Tommy 3 weeks ago at Monash Sunway when I came down to KL for my two interviews as a Research Assistant and Blogger Liaison at Nuffnang.

My initial plan was to stay at my cousin's place until Friday, and on Friday night stay at Tommy's place after watching his club's play - Hairspray. But something came up, I couldn't stay until Friday so I decided to meet up with him at Monash Sunway. I'd never been there too. =P


The man himself, next to the banner of his character - Link Larkin.

The whole cast. Got to meet with them and they were funny people. 

It was a long journey there from Salak Selatan lrt station. Waited so long for the bus. But I didn't spend much because to go to Monash Sunway I just took the free shuttle from Sunway Pyramid. Cool...

When I was about to leave, waiting for the free shuttle from Monash Sunway to Sunway Pyramid, Tommy pointed out to me, monorail coach, 'parked' in Monash Sunway. And I saw this small building next to it, written Monorail Sunway, or Monash, I don't remember. Apparently the project was proposed years ago but was scraped. Probably not feasible to carry it out there.

I was in the bus when I took this picture of the monorail. I believe it is still there even now. 
I thought it was a good idea. Perhaps we still got a long way to go in town planning? =P Don't know (and some will say don't care)



~Biotech Boy~ said...

haha..setahu aku lah, monorail tu dah ade dlu. n aku xrase bnda tu nk ade blik sbb masalah keselamatan. hehe. tu y aku tau lah. but, ade possibilities bnda tu nk start blik.

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

jadi dulu bende alah ni pernah berjalan kat atas rel yang terpacak kat sunway? ooo
aku pon rasa keselamatan, aku tengok tiang nak support monorail tu kecik je.boleh tahan ke berat monorail + penumpang? hehehe
all the best in your exam! =)


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