Friday, October 8, 2010

Miss Blogging..NOT!

Hahahaha, well I do kinda miss blogging. But something has to change for my life to be better. Sure it's nice staying at home, surfing the net, blogging, clean up the room and house, and before going to bed, chat on Skype with the gf. All that are nice. Really.

But living life like that shows that I have nothing that I want to accomplish. No goals. And usually, in most cases, guys are creatures that need goals in doing something. Example, when guys go shopping, we know what we want, and what we don't want. And that's why more guys are interested in following sports, or even doing sports because there is a goal, a mission that needs to be accomplished when a sport is played.

Okay, back to my point, yeah, even though I love blogging, but I'm afraid I can't keep blogging like 6,7 times a day. Sure thing I won't abandon this blog and let it collect dust. Unlike the gf

Why am I saying all this? Because apparently I got offered to work and at this stage, I am waiting for the offer letter and other things to be settled. Kinda excited, at the same time, nervous too. Thinking about all that makes me realise that I won't have the leisure to frequently blog in the future. Hmm..but Encik Ben does that. LOL he's on a different level.

Well, now that I still haven't got busy, I should blog as often as I want! Woohooo~



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