Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Mines?

I'm not aware of the existence of any gold mines, coal mines etc. But I am well aware of The Mines, the nearest big shopping mall to my place. My initial plan was to take a bus to KTM Serdang and take the komuter to Midvalley. Out of courtesy I asked my housemate if he got any plan and wants to join me. He was okay with that, since he hadn't watched movie for quite some time.

He has a motorcycle so we didn't wait for the bus of course. And it was during the ride I realised the taxi that I took last time after my interview cheated me. She took a longer route, with traffic light to KTM Serdang when there is actually another shorter route,  with no traffic light. Yes, it was a metered taxi =___= Imagine how much money I could have saved. (I'm quite a cheapskate)

Anyway, my housemate thought  we were going there by his motorcycle when my initial plan was for us to get on the komuter at KTM Serdang. I know Midvalley is really far from my place. That's why after that I suggested we went to any nearest shopping mall. He said he always frequents these two malls - The Mines, and Alamanda in Putrajaya. We chose The Mines since it's much closer.

I can't remember if I've been there before or not, maybe I did as a kid? Anyway, that place is huge. Hahaha, another thing that makes me proud as a Malaysian. No shopping mall in Australia can beat Malaysia's shopping malls =P

So, we hung out there, bought some stuff, watched movie. To my delight, bubble tea is sold there at Mines! XD I thought we don't have bubble tea here in Malaysia. The stall selling it is called 'Cool Blog'? ,I'm hooked to bubble tea since I first had it in Springvale, Melbourne. Singapore got many stalls selling that.

Hmm, pretty tired already now. I think I should go to sleep after 11pm. Well, I can afford to leave the home really late, but can not possibly wake up late for Subuh.



Wan Zulqhairi said...

dekt je ke ngn mines??? aku slalu gk pi situ.

Hizami Rahim said...

nape tak cakap kt pemandu taxi tu ?

Azza Zahra said...

I took a metered taxi just once.
I hate them anyway! Pff..

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

Wan Qhairi, dekat jugak la naik motor tu. hehehe, kalau naik bas pon boleh kot. sampai ktm serdang, pastu jalan kaki seberang ke the mines tu. XP

Hizami, masa lepas interview tu tak tau apa2 lagi. masa naik motor tadi baru perasan ada jalan lagi cepat. =___= beginilah nasib diriku~

Azza Zahra, i love the metered taxi in Singapore. not that expensive...unless u convert to ringgit =P i prefer metered taxi than e taxi that has e fare fixed. it depends on the driver whether he wants to take longer route or short one. hehe


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