Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Long Day

It was indeed. Now I'm just relieved to be in the comfort of my room. Home sweet home. Home is where the familiar. Ah~

Anyway, I went to Seremban by train, the KTM Komuter. I must say that I'm actually impressed with the train being on time just now. I guess the train is not on time during off peak hours? LOL But really, I'm impressed. Not only the punctuality, but I also realised that Malaysia rail route is really, how do you say it, well planned? You can go almost anywhere in the Peninsular by train, except Terengganu. =P I did some 'research' and learned that the fare is not that expensive really. Now I plan to go to Butterworth at night, gonna take the Ekspress Senandung Malam, hahah what a name, but yeah. I can even go to Johor Bahru and Singapore for RM34.

I remember taking the train when I was a kid with my parents and Adib. There were only 4 of us then. We took the night train from KL to Butterworth. At that time my dad was still working at Sungai Besi base. I still remember how it was all dark and I was kinda excited. Well, maybe too very excited. =P

Train, anyone?



JaJa'Z said...

lama giler tak naik train..bila last pun akak dah tak ingat..

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hehe kena naik ni kak ja. pahang ada kan?

Cik Aien said...

ngee! tiap mnggu naik ktm tp tiap minggu tu la tension dgn ke"sadinan" ktm tu! ngeeee

100penulis said...

suka ketapi yg ada katil.. bila travel malam, selak langsir tengok pemandangan.. sayu je :)

Kalamhati said...

Masa study dulu biasa naik dr KL-Kelantan(Tumpat)..

Bila dh tua ni, tak suka dh naik sbb lama sgt journeynya..dan tak suka org duk lalu lalang dpn kita..hehe

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

cik ain, tu komuter ke antarabandar? =)

100penulis, selalu naik ekspress senandung malam ke?

Kalamhati, wah, orang Kelantan aa ni. memang lama kan. masa muda2 ni la nak try, tak kahwin lagi. hehee nanti susah plak. XD


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