Monday, October 18, 2010

Liverpool 0-2 Everton

The Merseyside derby at Goodison park ended with the Reds succumbed to a far, better organised team. Needless to say, like all the Liverpool fans around the world, I found it hard to accept that we are now deep down in the relegation zone. Come on Henry, help us~

Oh, funny thing, Roy Hodgson finally moved out of his comfort seat yesterday and was pretty much active too. Too bad, most of the time Liverpool attacked like crazy, no brainer, but still couldn't score a goal. sigh

I thought my friend who is a Man U fan was being sympathetic when he said,

"Cheer up Liverpool fans, at least you guys will be able to win the league next year,

I was about to smile, but when I finished reading his FB status

I hear the Coca Cola Championship isn't that tough"

=____=" Seriously?? You guys think that's the end for Liverpool this season???

NOOOO!!!!!!! T____T

Joe Cole admits that he's still struggling to play his A game for Liverpool. Soccernet
ps: Nice, Negeri Sembilan won against Perlis. Too bad Selangor got thrashed back to back by Kelantan and Singapore. Cheer up Red Giant!

he..he...he....(tak semangat)

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