Saturday, October 30, 2010

Layan Hindustan Sekali

If you say "hindustan" to Indians, they probably won't get you. Last time when I told my housemate (he's Indian) he didn't understand. Apparently they call it Hindi movies. Hahaha, here in Malaysia we call it Hindustan.
Wei, layan Hindustan sekali!
Something like that. Hehehe. Anyway, I'm watching Panggung Sabtu now on TV3. I thought it was about Bhagat Singh but looks like the story is more than just Bhagat Singh. Looks kinda interesting because you don't have all these dancings and songs too much. Hahaha.

I watched two separate movie about Bhagat Singh, I remember it was really an inspiring movie. The last time I watched something like that is when I watched Leftenan Adnan. Many people probably won't agree with me on this but the scene where Leftenan Adnan was the only one left alone, charging towards the Japanese really left me with a feeling of awe. I wonder where one would get such courage to do that knowing, that acting that way means certain death.

We can say that they might not be afraid of death. Or perhaps, they have become 'immortal'. I don't know. I sometimes wonder if I can do the same when the time comes. I know there's no war in Malaysia. For that I'm glad I'm pleased. The war may be over, but the fight isn't. At least that's what I feel.

Will I be able to fight for something that I believe is right? Or will I just sit and do nothing, in my comfort zone?

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