Friday, October 1, 2010

Jangan Biarkan Hidup Diselubungi

*TIUUUUU* (bunyi tukar channel)

"Why the heck you changed the channel? It was Zainal Ariffin for God's sake, the second machoest man in Malaysia after Jalaluddin Hassan!!"

"I just don't like all this mystique stuff. So bogus man. You believe in it."

"Sheeshh...just watch for fun. Besides, that wasn't Misteri Nusantara just now, it was just some advertisement about alternative treatment for mysterious illness that can't be cured."

"Ishh...I still don't want to watch that."

(Badan besar cam gajah, tapi penakut amat)

You fear Allah or His other creatures??



Chip said...

Hey Danial...thanks for popping by my blog.

Unfortunately, I kena correct you sikit la. The second macho-est man in Malaysia after Jalaludin Hassan is Jalaludin Hassan. That applies to the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, twenty get the idea...ahaks!

Jalal...u da man...

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

ah...ok =___=


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