Saturday, October 16, 2010

I've Seen Him Before

WOW! What a dream! I wonder if it's all because of the recent success of Malaysia badminton team in Commonwealth Games 2010. Though a bit frustrated and sad that Wong Mew Choo couldn't get the 13th gold medal for Malaysia. But congrats and good job to all shuttlers.

Back to my dream. Yea, guess what? I met with Misbun Sidek at a hotel lobby (must be high class one since everything was so grandiose there) and also in the LRT  (LOL wth) on my way back to the hotel though he didn't get off at the same station as me. He was really friendly and talkative. He was with his kid and his other friends but I happened to sit in between them =P
Misbun Sidek and Lee Chong Wei with his Olympic silver medal.
Actually I've met the man himself outside in real world, not in dream...I think? LOL. It was in 2006, 2005? back when I was still studying in Shah Alam. Me and my friend we hung out at One Utama to watch a movie. Since we got plenty of time, we decided to just walk around the mall. And there we saw him, in his shorts, with a little boy. At first I didn't think it was him.I mean he should be training the national badminton players no? Not walking around the mall. After we walked pass by him and his son, my friends asked me, "Misbun Sidek kan?" Wow, so they think it's him too? Must be it. Hahaha looked like him, we didn't get to hear his voice, but should be him Misbun Sidek already. He didn't seem approachable that time =P Maybe I am wrong but at the time, his wife fell sick if I recall.

Oh well, regardless whether or not it was him, seeing him and talking to him in my dream last night was really awesome!

Did I tell you guys I'm gonna name my kids after all these great Malaysia badminton players?


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