Monday, October 4, 2010

I Reached Cheras Safe And Sound

So yeah, the bus I was on earlier got air-cond problem, and sometimes the engine just died in the middle of the road. Luckily we weren't that far from Kuantan, so the driver acted swiftly by contacting his boss perhaps that a replacement bus should be prepared just in case. After 10 minutes drive, (still in Kuantan but at the bypass, on the road leading to the airport) the bus driver decided to stop the bus, and asked all of us to wait for another bus.

So we did. Not that long, a bus came, with some passengers on it. Lucky, just nice to have all 11 stranded passengers.

I'm at my cousin's place now. Time to get some rest for big day tomorrow! XD


wanhairi said...

which bus?

JaJa'Z said...

good luck okeh..stay calm...

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

plusliner. heh

ok kak ja. thanks ;)


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