Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Like It On The Floor

I don't know if you guys notice that lately on Facebook you can see women put up their status
I like it on the floor
I like it on the office table
I like it on the bed
At first I was like, what? Sounds a bit..mmm...wrong? LOL but I didn't wanna say anything when I first saw a couple of my female friends put those as their status on Facebook. Later they would accuse me of being pervert =___="

But few days later, I saw more and more of that kind of status, then only I thought of Google-ing the status. Google has all the answers!...well, almost all. =P So, turns out those status are meant to tell where the girls like to leave their purse/handbag/wallet. And it is also for the sake of raising breast cancer awareness. And like my fellow Martians, we wonder how on Earth by telling people where you like to leave your purse can achieve such feat?

Apparently last year women told what was the colour of the underwear they were wearing as their Facebook status (come to think of it, I remember seeing those kind of status last time) "I like blue" for example. And they did manage to get the guys guessing just like this year with "I like it on the floor". Sheeeshh...

What do I think about this 'phenomenon' - women are doing this not just for the sake of increasing awareness of October Breast Cancer Awareness only, but also to tease guys. LOL jks

I read a news article few days back that the Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad was illuminated in pink light as part of breast cancer awareness campaign. Now, that is more I like it. Less provocative, and less teasing. Fuhhh..
KL Tower too was illuminated in pink light. The Star Online



Fathiah Jasni said...

oi oi.. i haven't do any such things, tp guys pon ade mende ala2 secret code nih.. last year.. few friends of mine (guys obviously) keep shouting out the manga/cartoon heroes in their facebook.. i was like.. 'huh??'
Then, i figured out, it was the code for the 'which part of women body u like the most?'.. can u imagine? lagi lah pervert dan sgt jerk ok! contoh ek.. wolverine for breast.. then.. those who like breast the most akan letak 'wolverine' kt shout out fb dorg.. derrkkhh... (-_-)

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahaha did i say exactly who did it? i generalise it, saying women because i know a lot of females know about it and did it. heh

and no, i din partake in such thing last year. im a good boy. sheeeshh..childish la. hehehe

Fathiah Jasni said...

and i haven't mention u did such thing, have i? heee.. skadar sharing loh.. chill chill :P


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