Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Know What You Did Last Raya

Well, actually I don't. =P Now that the pics uploader works again, I'm gonna take this chance to upload the pics when me and my family were in Negeri Sembilan. But too many pics and I'm still in my lazy mode so I decided to just compile the pics together (eh rajin pulak)
Tried the famous Cendol Leman Dawi near Seremban. Famous because you only pay one time for the cendol and you can refill it as many time as you like. But you have to pay for the pulut if you want to have cendol pulut. Hehehe, I love free stuff. =P

After cendol, straight away to visit my Dad's Pak Su, whom we call Tok Cu. Hadn't seen him for years since 2006.

Then we went to check my Dad's kampung house. Man, the kampung has become so quiet and it gives this feeling of loneliness. A lot of houses have been abandoned. Not many people live there now.

Paid my Mak Tam a visit. She's my Mom's sister. And the guy at the bottom left picture is the cousin that let me stay at his place when I had interview last week. ;)

Yeah! I'm done with my raya trip to Negeri Sembilan. I didn't take many photos at my Pak Long's house, only pics of his grandkids who are all so big now! It was my first time seeing them all, and my cousins too. The last time I went to Seremban was in 2006 I guess, for my cousin's wedding. So, I was in a way excited to go to Seremban. I just felt bad that I ate a lot! Whoever says you lose weight when you go travelling is so lying. Well, I guess if you travel by foot surely you will lose weight no? =P


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