Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Here He Goes Again!

Ah, no. I'm not gonna reminisce or crying my heart out longing for my good old days in Gippsland LOL. Rather, I'd love to talk about how I love this new workplace, though there are so many things to learn. I guess with time, (and a bit of patience =P) I will be able to gain as much experience needed to go further. =)

Anyway, I thought the place I'm staying at is lovely already. I know I heard about the foreign workers, high number of crimes here but probably I've been staying in the room for two straight nights (since I tapau-ed food straight away after work) so I was probably oblivious to the threats and dangers lurking in this place at night.

Quite a few of my friends upon knowing that I got a job in Balakong Jaya, went "Aduhh! Kenapa pergi situ?" Like seriously, is it that bad? Not everything works as you plan it to be. I never wanted to work in KL. I'm not a city boy, just a kampung boy, country mouse. Not used to the traffic jam, unfriendly kiasu people who never smile back when you smile at them =P. Getting this house so near to my workplace is a blessing. Though I think I need to be more alert. Thank God it always seems like it's going to rain that I always have my umbrella with me. Anything happens (touch wood), I have my umbrella to protect me.

But of all things, I have Allah to protect me.

Gifts from my housemates in my first year in Gippsland, Andrew (the card) and Riccardo (the fridge magnet + GP Shirt )


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