Saturday, October 30, 2010

Feels Like Amnesia

~Feels like Insomnia, aaahh~
There was this one time, (not in band camp okay =P) back in 2009, I was introduced to this song, Insomnia by Wheesung, a Korean pop singer. He sings the song which is originally sung by Craig David, in Korean. Both songs are good, so I decided to listen to the remix version, which simply is a combination of both Craig David and Wheesung.

Eh...this is not what I wanna talk about actually. Man, I get easily sidetracked. I wanna talk about the truth. Does it matter to you what the truth is? Do you know what is the truth? Hahahhaha, worry not this is not going to be a very philosophical blog entry.

Usually when you are being corrected, what do you feel? Does your feeling depends on the circumstances, time, place and the people who corrected you? Since I've been blogging in English for years, I'm pretty much used to blog in English. Sometimes I do blog in Bahasa Malaysia too. ( it Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Melayu?) When I look back at my old blog entries, I laugh reading them. So terrible. Back then I didn't have anyone to correct it. But now I got the gf to correct it. Being a Singaporean sure gives her the advantage, you know most Singaporeans use English more than their mother tongue. Every time she pointed out my grammar mistakes, I would be a bit upset. Hahaha, kinda embarrassed. Who wouldn't right? But to learn and make progress, to be better, you have to put aside all those feelings. She pointed my mistakes in a nice, good way, but me being a man, will always feel just a bit upset =P

My point is, truth hurts. And it sucks. It tastes extremely bitter. Though lie, is always sweet. You find yourself floating up the sky whenever you hear those lies. You know it's a lie yet you still think it's okay to be immersed in all those sweet lies. And please don't go beyond the topic of my blog entry this time. What I wanna say is, if you wanna be better in what you do, improve yourself, you have to embrace yourself for the harsh or kind truth, whichever way you look at it.

I got a lot of things that I want to be better at. Improving my English is one of the many things I have already listed down. And for that I have the gf to help me with it. For other things, I have my family, my friends and those I have met in my life to help me achieve that. Of course it stings when people criticize, correct you, perhaps you can ask someone you can trust to play that role. Or even strangers. It's up to you. To me, I'd rather not have some strangers telling me what to do, I'm just not comfortable with it. Either my family, friends, or someone that I know is good in that things I want to be good at. Sure, you can take your time to feel a bit upset too LOL but don't pout too much, suck it up, and get going. Life is full of adventure.


(tiba tiba je =P)

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