Thursday, October 14, 2010

Commonwealth Games 2010 Part 3

OH YEAH! 11 gold medals already! hahahaha! As expected, Lee Chong Wei had the final match against Ouseph easy. 21-10 21-8

It would be really great if he can stay that confident, being all cocky when he's up against the top players like Lin Dan, Taufik Hidayat, and the Korean guy. Just now he was too good and too hot for Rajiv Ouseph to handle.
Last month in Japan Open.
Koo Kien Keat and his partner in mixed double did well to make a comeback in the first game against the English pairs before wrapping up the match 22-20, 21-12.. I think? Kien Keat, he looked like an emperor on the court just now. With his big built body he was really fast just now in front of the net. Simply amazing man. Great boost of confidence for the coming Asian Games! OH YEAH!

So, Malaysia, go get another 2 gold medals, aite? HEHEHEHEHHE
Watched the bronze medals matches last night. Of all the matches, the men's double match was the best. It was a match between two pairs of Singaporean shuttlers, Wijaya-Saputra and Wong-Triyach (I don't know their full names =P)

Throughout the match, all I could see was just smashes, high paced play from the two pairs, and also a lot of errors. Hahaha really. They are really good, no wonder and and there should be no doubt as to why they are playing for Singapore. Their smashes were really fast, full of power. And they got good reflex too, reacted well to every shot. What they lack perhaps, is the composure and the mentality of World No. 1. Hehehe yeah, they don't have what Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong, the Chinese men's doubles pairs, and the old Indonesian pairs have.

The match was really close, neck and neck. Only because both pairs played the same type of badminton. The only way the match could be decided was for an error to be committed, or only when the other player is a bit faster and more powerful than the opponent.

As you can see, really neck and neck. 
The brothers were a better than Wong-Tri last night. They kept on smashing being so aggressive. But in semi final against Koo-Tan, they were easily tamed, 11-21, 8-21.

Oh I did mention yesterday that Tan Boon Heong left the court in the middle of the match to grab a new racket, leaving Koo Kien Keat alone handling the brothers, though he got no problem doing that LOL. And last night, I don't know which one was it but the brothers did the same thing. Apparently 4, 5 rackets were all broken, with one racket totally whacked. Crazy man.

I enjoyed listening to the game commentators too. They knew what they were talking about and it's no wonder actually since the lady was last time a badminton player for her country too, and I assume it must be England, judging from her accent. Will we see either Yap Kim Hock, or Ong Ewe Hock, perhaps Razif Sidek  take up the post as badminton's game commentators?


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