Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Commonwealth Games 2010 Part 2

Malaysia now got 7 gold medals, and need 3 more gold medals to reach the 10 gold medals target.

And right now I'm watching the Badminton Men's Single semi final. I just watched Lee Chong Wei made his way to the final just now. Was an impressive win, he barely smashed at his full power yet the opponent seemed to have trouble with it. But I dare say that Lee Chong Wei wouldn't want to take the risk of losing to lower ranked players so he must be playing at his really best all time. No holding back yo.

Now..I'm watching the fella who beat Hafiz Hashim in 1/4 final. I'm rooting for England's Rajiv Ouseph because in the last World Championship he got beaten by Lee Chong Wei rather tamely. And this fella, Kashyap, he's aggressive man, and I don't like the way he plays so please Ouseph, beat this guy already! But Ouseph lost the first game just now 19-21. =___="

Ah...I still can't upload pics. I guess I shouldn't be too stubborn to use Mozilla Firefox. I'm not that stubborn hehehe.

Ayuh Malaysia! Malaysia Boleh!!!!


ps: Kashyap trailing 0-5 now!! Come on Ouseph!!

I forgot to talk about another thing. I don't remember hearing loud cheering and supports for Hafiz Hashim when he was playing against Kasyhap. And Misbun didn't give much instruction to him either. I wonder if Hafiz's role in this event is more to help Chong Wei win the men's single event? Perhaps..

*UPDATE some more*

Hahahahah!! It was such a wonderful and entertaining performance by the World No. 1 Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong trashing Singapore men's double. Now I got a mission, to look for the footage of Boon Heong grabbing a new racket outside the court in the midst of a long rally just now and got back in the court after that. Impressive man! Hahaha!
Who's the man, who's the man? Credit to Relax Mind 


Darkbatman said...

xtgk sgt olimpik cz ckp tahniah buat malaysia cz dpt gak gold.hehee

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahaha, sekarang ni akan ada lagi 4 menyusul!! hopefully! >___<


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