Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Celcom Oh Celcom

I thought my handphone went cuckoo after the tex message I tried to send to my dad was rejected many time. I turned it off a, took out the battery, put it back, and turned the phone on again. I repeated this over and over again during lunch just now, being watched by my colleagues who were also enjoying the free lunch today.

Really, really frustrated.

Turned out it wasn't my dear friend, Sony Ericsson's fault. IT WAS CELCOM! My housemate Shafik told me a lot of people had problem sending messages, making calls just now too, and these people, they use celcom! What the heck Celcom? Back in Kerteh we always got problem with the reception. Whenever I talked to my bro Adib, he couldn't really catch what I was saying. Hmm well, that would probably be because of the way I talk. =P

Chicken wings~

Fried satay, not grilled ones. Me and my man Derek made these dishes on our last day in Gippsland, 2007. =P

Anyway, Celcom, keep yourself together man. I never hear DiGi, Maxis users complain about their networks. I only heard Maxis users complaining about the expensive bills =P

ps: Sorry about the totally unrelated pictures. Gippsland-sick mode LOL



JaJa'Z said...

teruk dah gayanya rindu kat Aussie... :p

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

heheh takde la kak ja, cuma mengenang masa yang lalu je. XP


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