Sunday, October 3, 2010

Busy Days

I think I can say that my days as a bum lazing around the house, doing only house chores and blogging, and some running too =P are about to end. Yeah, I don't wanna stay like this my whole life too. Though living my life like Wilson from "The Lotus Eater" short story is kinda nice, but I'd pass. I want to spend my life with my family and close friends in the future. Not alone, rotting to die.

I've been applying for jobs after jobs since the end of Ramadhan. As for now, I have applied for 28 jobs. Luckily I did get some respond. I know around that time it should be like 1 month since I got back but I figure, hey, it's Ramadhan, I don't think they want to hire new people or would there be an opening. How wrong I was. Few job vacancies which I liked had just past due dates when I started looking for jobs. Man!

But, all's well ends well. Hmm, not quite at the end yet, but things are starting to look good. Slowly, but surely. =)

Wish me luck people!! XD


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