Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blogwalking Is Freaking Fun!

So much for "oyasumi nasai" just now! =P Well, I got some free time just now (wait I thought you are always free since you got nothing to do at home?) so I went blogwalking! Woohoo~

The last time I did a really good, thorough blogwalking was probably months ago. Maybe 2 months ago. The blogwalking this time got me to many blogs I hadn't been. Either because I missed those blogs' updates since I am a follower to more than 100 blogs (you tell me how the heck can I go to all these blogs in one day? LOL). Or I just simply forgot. =___=" Yeah, not a good excuse I know.

Anyway, when I was blogwalking just now, I remember something Robb Chew of Nuffnang told me during my interview....Actually I kinda forget what exactly he said and that's another proof I wasn't being a good listener I have always been (yeah right!) during the interview. Well he said something like, blogging in Malaysia is becoming a big thing. More and more people have their own blogs including his dad and sister LOL wth and that's why to earn money from blogging is actually a real challenge. He said even though we play around with the SEO, domestically it's still a tough competition to be on the top of the list. In Malaysia, gossip is the thing that people seek the most. Everyone wants to know gossip. And Robb said, unless you are as popular as Beautiful Nara, then it's hard to use all those gossips as SEO. Well, I think to be at the same level or somewhere near Beautiful Nara is hard, heck it's probably impossible for people like me but I know there are many bloggers out there earning decent amount of money from blogging. Respect. heh

As for me, money comes second I guess. I just want my blog to be known to people. LOL

Eh, how come I am talking about my Nuffnang interview again? Hahha. Oh yeah, apparently Robb said Google has worked on to bring down those sites that play around with SEO because Google doesn't want its search engine's credibility and reliability to go down because of people manipulating the SEO. I guess that's fair enough. You can't easily trust news from blogs just because the mainstream media hasn't been truthful to you. And it's also the brand issue, mainstream media has established long time ago so even though nowadays the news published aren't that reliable, they still have the brands and those brands make them look reliable. I wonder if I get my points right or not...0___0 sleepy i guess.

Ah, that's all I guess. Off for the night. Adios amigos huenchos nachos. Jaa mata ashita~



Fathiah Jasni said...

i'm sorry.. but what's SEO again? :P

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

lol u could have googled it you know. SEO - search engine optimisation. basically u make ur website, blog to be ranked top in search engine results.


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