Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Best Feeling Ever

Not really the best, perhaps one of the best feelings ever-seeing the floor, wall is sparkling white, after a good hard scrub. Oh yeah!

Wasn't meant to clean up the whole kitchen, I only scrubbed the basin, and after the basin has become so clean, I got caught up and ended up cleaning the whole kitchen! LOL

I want to take some pics but I guess better wait until the whole thing is cleaned up. =P A bit embarrassing but you have to understand, this is what the Malays call Rumah Bujang. Boys' house. Hehehe. Now I think I got OCD. =P But worry not, it's not gonna be life threatening, unless living in a clean house will get you killed.

This was last time in Gippsland. Most of the time it was messy but I kept it dustless. =P

Cleaners will clean the hallway.

And the kitchen too. Can't remember which house was this but must be West 9 or West 11. Probably West House 11.  


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