Friday, October 29, 2010

Ah...Again... =___="

So not good. I've missed my turn to blog at 100penulis for the 4th time already. ARGGHHHH!! Well, I got too excited with my new job and all that. Speaking of which, yeah getting used to the place already and what I should do, depending on who's around.

And I notice how I only talk about my new life here. Yeah, this blog has totally become a diary. Hahaha. I used to write a diary too LOL don't laugh!! =P But I only wrote it twice and that's it, I quit. Because my mom read it and it was kinda embarrassing. This blog is like a diary but I won't blurt out almost everything. LOL Yeah, got that right, there are things that I kept from almost everyone hahaha. And I'm pretty sure not everyone agrees with me on this, but I believe you shouldn't just tell everything that's going on in your life. Wait..I already blogged about this last time!! Scrap!

*Totally unrelated to this blog entry* Last time my mom said I look like a drug addict =__=

Ah...nowadays I don't really have much to blog about. I'm still pretty much excited with my new work. And if you guys can't bear to read it, hehehe feel free to go to other blog or websites LOL XP  I really don't understand why people make a big fuss when they don't like these blogs and that blogs. Can you just keep it to yourself and your circle of friends. And even if you really want the owner of the blog to change certain things maybe you can contact the owner via email, FB even? Then again, truth hurts no? But lie hurts more. And for that I want to apologize for not telling my close friends the real truth of what happened this year. Sorry.

Opppss...emo post~ =P

Before I go off for today, I wanna share this site with you guys. For all you soft, energy, caffeinated drink-oholics LOL, give this site a try!

The drinks here are all the ones sold in Australia and NZ. V is an energy drink, used to be my best companion in my 2nd year. =P


Darkbatman said...

klau lam blog mmg cme..dorg ckp je pe dorg pk.. ehe

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahah sebab tak bersemuka depan-depan. belakang nama anonymous berani la. =P said...

agree with ur mum. LoL kelakar seh gambar tu.

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

so that's how a drug addict looks like... =P


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