Sunday, October 10, 2010

100writers..? 100penulis la konoyaro!

Some of you might have heard of this, some might not. The first time I saw 100penulis, he left a comment in my shoutbox. Well, I don't really remember what exactly did he say, but he was promoting me to join other 99 bloggers to blog in another blog., not anymore.

I thought that was quite a wild idea yet refreshing LOL wth. So I had a look at 100penulis blog, but still got nothing there. So, I thought I would give this thing a try though at that point I was kinda blur2 sotong, didn't know how to contact him =___=" Only after few days when 100penulis has gained a bit of popularity did I know how to join other bloggers in this 100penulis.

Basically, you and another 99 bloggers = 100 bloggers = 100 penulis (LOL at the equation =P) get the chance to blog in 100penulis. But so far only got 80, so yeah if you guys are interested go have a look at the site, Thanks to 100penulis, I got to meet great minds, great bloggers, some just started blogging, some started long, long time ago. Great minds think alike you know hehehe (and no, there are no fools, so you can't say fools seldom differ to counter my point =P)

Malaysia Memang Tak Sempurna

So far, I have posted 2 entries. My first entry was My Darling Is A Foreginer which was meant for this blog actually. Hahaha, I don't how it got there. (well, my darling is a foreigner even though she's a Malay =P) and my second post, latest post - Malaysia Memang Tak Sempurna which pretty much has given me ideas on what to blog about next. Go have a look before you start thinking "mamat berlagak english ni lupa daratan dah kutuk2 Malaysia" hehe =P

Anyone interested to join other creative, great young minds and hearts LOL(well we can choose to be young at hearts you know regardless how old we are) do pay a visit. Even if you choose not to be one of the 100 penulis, you can always pay the blog a visit since it is updated daily. So if all the blogs you follow got no updates, you can always go to, surely you will find new entry, from different bloggers every day.



Hizami Rahim said...

great idea sebenarnya 100penulis tu.
tp x dpt nak join sbb komitmen byk sgt.
anyway, have fun !

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

memang menarik. takpe, join baca pon boleh! ;)

hloo said...

interesting concept..but is there any particular purpose? like a common interest..or just anyone who wants to blog about anything? lol

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahaha, yeah any blogger who wants to blog just about anything. go check out the blog. u can blog in english too. =)

suziesanji said...

Hai... nice ways to describe about 100penulis, konoyaro!! ops.. mind my language.. hehe...

but I like the yakuzas in series sebut the word konoyaro.. =)

Latest entry: Gambar orang yang sunyi

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

haha..nope, i don describe 100penulis as konoyaro. it's an inside joke, so never mind.

kusut said...

AS6 is cool dattebayo!! tak rugi aku join and baca hari2. ade je nak borak kat sana btul tak?

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Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

kakkoi desu yo~ hehe

.s.o.f.i.a. said...


having people like u in 100 penulis is so much fun...... love ur entries.... muah muah!! =)

tak pakai tudung....???haramjadd toi!!!

.s.o.f.i.a. said...


having people like u in 100 penulis is so much fun...... love ur entries.... muah muah!! =)

tak pakai tudung....???haramjadd toi!!!

Chip said...


Hey Danial... I'd be one of those not young but young at heart contributors to 100 penulis. Still unsure of where I fit in there with all the really young people there but being older, I suppose I provide variety in my own old way...ahaks!

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

s.o.f.i.a (can i just call u sofia? =P) thanks for the compliment (i guess? LOL) let's keep on rocking 100penulis! =D

Chip, hahahaha to me ur one of the many not-so-young bloggers who are really young at heart! ;)


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