Friday, September 24, 2010

You Got Served

Ah, yeah that movie was awesome, I think it was the first of its kind at the time. No Step Up, Stomp The Yard. Well, got other movie, Save The Last Dance, but I don't know, not as popular as You Got Served.

Eh, actually I'm not gonna talk about this movie LOL. I'm talking about the Japanese shuttler, Kenichi Tago who got beaten in 37 minutes, by Lee Chong Wei 21-10, 21-10! Hahahaha! There's a big difference in class once the Malaysian world champion is 100% fit - no back problem, no gastric LOL, no pressure. YEAH!! Man, I still haven't forgotten my grudge against the Japanese team when they beat Malaysia in Thomas Cup group stage. DAMN! Not to forget, he almost lost to the Japanese in the All England Final. He won luckily but at the time the hype was all over the Japanese since he made it all the way to the final..Ceh..nasib je..

Come to think of it, this is something like the scene in You Got Served. At first the main characters lost to the bad guys, then they won a competition in the end. Malaysia team lost to Japan at group stage, and now Malaysia Lee Chong Wei kicked the Japanese butt to show them who's their daddy!! WAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!!

This time around, you sucker got served - You Got Served (2004)

Hit the link for full story - The Star Online


mizz sue said...

su pun boleh wat cam tu..dulu join gimnastik..hhahaaa

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

perghhh...mantap ah. breakdance sekali jom! hahaha tuan punye blog tak boleh buat daaa.. =P


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