Friday, September 3, 2010

Wondering What Can You Do With Your Little Brother?

Have you ever asked yourself why your little brother never seem to have the same interest as you?
Why he never seems to be interested in reading a story book unless you read it for him all the time?

Been there, done that. I was once a boy. That reminded me of the time when I would get into fights against my bro, Adib who is one year younger than me. Everyday we fought. Physical. Even when we were playing ninja turtles, street fighters on game console, we would stop for fights when one of us lost the game. That, my fellow readers is what boys are made of. Plain barbarian LOL

How a fight between brothers starts off usually hehehehe
Playing with the muds, sand even being told by the parents at the top of their lungs not to. Boys.

So, once in a while, you should get into a rumble with your little brother. Bring your inner child out to play fighting game with your little brother. Just don't go overboard and bear in mind you are ten times bigger, faster and stronger than him (unless you're a scrawny guy whose bones can break with just a flick)

A bit unfair, so use your acting skill aite? =P

..and I don't mean this kind of fight!

You not only get some quality time with your little brother, but you get to exercise as well. All those running, and acting as if you and your little brother are physically equal might help you shed off some kilos LOL wth =P


p/s: i was just joking

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