Saturday, September 4, 2010

Things You Sometime See On Facebook

Got all these Facebook's screenshots from College Humour. Which sometime you can see even in your circle of friends in Facebook.

Sometimes, you get to see this on Facebook..which is kinda sad to look at like this one below -

I saw some guys on my fb (before I removed them because I really don't know them but since they wanted to add me and we have few mutual friends, I accepted those requests) who was something like this... Feel sorry to see them keep on updating their status with no comments... hahaha @___@

And some can make you feel awkward..

The unwritten and unspoken rule of Facebook, when it comes to sad status, you either don't comment at all, or you just say, be strong. Did I say you better not comment at all.

Another situation where you just don't comment on your friend's status like you know what had happened. You either don't comment, or you ask what's wrong?

This is just total creepy..


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