Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Morning

~Sunday morning rain is fallin'~

It did rain this morning. I didn't want to go back to bed, but at 8.30, I yield. So nice. Then I just woke up few minutes ago.. because I know I got something to do today. A very important mission. Hehehe..

By the way, only 5 days left. Time sure flies. Got a lot of things to do this raya. I wanna meet up with friends, go raya together. This will be my first with them in three years. Haha, I've been saying that a lot hope you guys are not sick with it. =P

As you all know or if you don't let me tell you, that I am still unemployed. I need to wait until I get my graduate certificate and I am only getting it in my graduation this November. And kinda sadly I'm graduating in Sunway, where I don't have any friend there. So it will be just a family affair. To graduate in Gippsland would be expensive - need new visa since my student visa already expired, flight tickets. Accommodation won't be a problem actually. Hehehe =P

This would be my only regret so far. Not being able to graduate in Gippsland. Oh well.

In the meantime, what I'm gonna do? I got a couple of projects LOL already at home - the longan tree, the laptops. And I have just decided when I woke up just now to continue my Japanese lesson. Hahaha! Yes, I did learn Japanese after SPM, for 3 months by myself. I was able to write, and speak a little bit. When I was in Malaysia, that newly learned language had not made my life any different. But when I went to Australia for my study, I met 3 Japanese and that sure was fun. Also, with people who can speak Japanese better than I do and I find that really2 cool. Exchanged drama, spoke a bit of Japanese sometimes, listening to the J-pop. Hahaha.

And then, I started learning a bit of Korean from my man, Semun but I gave up. The pronunciation is quite a challenge. I thought saying thank you in Korea casually - Gomawo was easy but I was corrected many times. Japanese is easy since you don't have such thing. You say it the way it is spelled, in romaji.

With this,I am going to continue my lesson. Who knows eh, I might come across some Japanese tourists who can only converse in Japanese, and maybe a little bit of English? Hehehe...fat hope!

Speaking of tourists, I wonder how many people have mistaken those from China, Japan, Singapore with the Malaysians and expected them to understand Malay? Hahaha..must be a bit embarrassing. XP

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