Saturday, September 25, 2010


Why the sigh??

I stopped by at the pasar malam after I tapau-ed dinner for me and my adik. Yeah, we were so hungry, hungry. Anyway, I slowed down the car and was about to park my car by the roadside opposite the pasar malam. I saw this pakcik in the van, perhaps waiting for his wife, or kids to finish buying stuff there. He was eating, I could see and this pakcik got a kopiah on his head. Sunnah Nabi tu, good stuff.

Then I saw something fell to the ground. It was plastic food wrapper. And it came from his hand. Oh, he just threw that plastic wrapper outside his van as if it's not a wrong thing to do. For someone who follows the sunnah of Nabi, to wear kopiah to litter, just chuck rubbish anywhere, I don't think that is a wise thing to do. Imagine this pakcik, just got back from solat Jumaat, and stopped by at 7E for some Slurpee (example only) and then when he finishes his Slurpee he just throws it on the ground. If a non Muslim sees that, what will be the first thing that come to his/her mind? Then Islam doesn't emphasize on cleanliness? Hygiene? I know not all of us Muslims are like the one I mentioned but because of some, we will all be labeled. You know how scary can media be.
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I'm just simply pointing out the most basic thing that we Muslims always neglect. All haters out there don't anyhow extrapolate my blog post aite? (LOL extrapolate seh)


Damn! Reina almost got it!!


Fathiah Jasni said...

U know, aku bukan nak kutuk la.. tp jgn katekan kebersihan surroundings, self hygiene pon kdg2 org yg byk ikut sunnah ni x jaga.. I've seen lotsss.. i mean lotss of girls wearing hijab (bkn yg bese2, tp yg besar, labuh2 tu) with jubah too.. good for them.. tp jubah tu meleret kt tanah, sapu seme mende in their way, yet they head to prayer room to pray in that jubah.. hijab tu pon, kdg2 selekeh.. kotor.. x ambek taw pon.. adoi.. sedey sey.. (_ _)

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

ah itu pon benar. =__=
mulakan dari kita lah nampaknya. hahaha mungkin aku ni over sensitive sikit pasal isu kebersihan. al maklumlah, sekarang kerja cleaner sepenuh masa kat rumah ni =P

Farah Justme said...

btol2. aku bukan ape. imej2 yg mcm ni sepatutnye orang len yg kurang alim atau org bukan islam look up as role model. tp yela manusia bukan perfect. cume bile da jadi mcm ni, pandangan orang lain akan jadi serong. T_T

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

ah, benar itu che yah. serong dan senget jadinya. huhu


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