Monday, September 20, 2010

Raya Di Kerteh Pulak~

My raya back in Kerteh started off with a visit from high school friends. 5 of them, whom I hadn't seen for more than 3 years! It was that long my friends thought I've slimmed down a lot. =__=" when they actually haven't seen the slimmer me before in 2008, 2009. LOL

Spoon, me, and Daoz. Front from left, Aman, Sepu and Toyed.

I love looking at Toyed's body. Don't get me wrong, I'm just jealous that he got such a muscular body! I need to exercise =P

At Kerom's place. Had a good time exercising my abs (laughing)

Was with them until 2am in the morning, at the satay place by the road side in Dungun. Yes, Dungun. Thanks to Spoon for driving me and Daoz back home. I managed to catch up on a lot of things that have happened when I was away. Hehehe....

The next day, it was raya session with primary school friends. I see them almost every year since we live quite near to each other and every time I got back which was always around December, they happened to be in Kerteh too.
Because we always hang out together, they noticed I've gained some weight. =___="

At Husna's house. Forgot to take pics at Amrie's and my house. The third stop.

We started quite late. The time agreed was 11.15am but I was the earliest one to reach there, 11.30am. Haha can't be helped since it was decided really late the night before. After an hour there, me and Amrie managed to get others to join on such a short notice. =P And we decided to play futsal that night. So last minute but it was fun! hahahah!!

Leaving for Fitry's house aka Ustazah sekolah rendah.

It was the third time that day that we had fried noodle. The first at Amrie's and then my place. =P

Agar-agar kering? The first time having it at Iylia's place, another primary school friend.

who happened to be going out with this fella..hehehe XD

Last house, Kamarul's. Both Iylia and Fitry are not in the picture. Wasn't on purpose.

After futsal. Totally got trashed by Amrie's brother's team. What do you expect if you ask me to play hahaahah! But it was fun. ;)

Lepak-lepak. Special appearance - long lost friend Zebo!

The next day, makan-makan at Arashy's. The last makan-makan since they are probably moving in to a new house. hehehe

All in all, it was the best raya I could ever ask for. Not only did I get to celebrate Raya for the first time after three years in Australia, but I got to meet up with many relatives, and friends whom I hadn't seen for a long time.

All's well ends well.



Farah Justme said...

haha toyed macam tu sebab die men rugby kan. u shud too. hihi. hepi raye danial! wish i was there too, boley konvoi raye same2. sob3!~

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

even last time when i worked out i never got that kind of body - that's for serious athlete haha. but i was way fitter than i am now. felt great then. =P
next time la kita semua konvoi raya same2. hehe ;)


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