Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Of Buffered Earnings, Nuffnangs, and Unique Visitor

Kinda fun now that I'm active in blogging. I get to meet lots of interesting bloggers, get to join their contests, and also take part in Nuffnang activities. But so far, I haven't got the chance to go to their gatherings, only took part in the contests. It's been awesome nonetheless.

I also learned about other stuff - Unique Visitors also known as UV, buffered earnings. Bloggers try really hard to get a lot of traffics to their blogs, more traffics more UV. More UV, the more buffered earning you will get.

It's fun in a way when you are trying hard to reach the target of your daily UV, and how excited you are when you get a new CPM campaign.

Too bad, it seems the fun is all over now. I have no more buffered earnings!! T_________T

Only have these 4 metered earnings now that I got no more buffered earnings...and so ciput some more! Hahaha

~Beginilah nasib diriku yang malang~ oh Tuhan~
(last time I thought it was reput tulang, not oh Tuhan, LOL boys!)


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