Thursday, September 2, 2010

Not All Apples Are Created Equal

You see, there are really red apples, a bit red, red-green apples, green apples, yellowish apples, and rotten ones too.
The good apples even though they are different, in the texture, crispiness, sweetness, they got some place where they belong. They are needed for something. Apple pie, apple cake, apple crumble.

So, what about the rotten ones. The ones that will get the other apples infected, and in turn, rotten as well. What do we do with those apples?

Should we just chuck those into the bin?

Can we use the rotten apples as fertilizer...?



life experience said...

Hey there! Erm just wanna share with you another touched story if you dont mind . Well I found this out like years back . Yea , but just thought about to share wit you . Maybe you've know about this before . But I actually cry for the 1st time , 2nd time and 3rd time when I watching it .

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

wah! i watched that last time, n i watched it again just now. i still think it's one of the most touching videos i've ever watched. ehem-i-ehem-teared-ehem-up-ehem-a bit-ehem.. =P


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