Thursday, September 23, 2010

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I guess even though all women are entitled to more privileges, offered many opportunities, there are still some who got left behind and usually those women are the ones being taken advantage of.
Pretty sad that the mother still love the guy and I know it's not my place to say that guy is not for her, but if you have a child, would you consider a guy who takes drug as your partner, to also be your child's new father? I'm no woman, but if I am, hell no, I wouldn't pick that kind of guy.

Love is blind, I guess in this case. Is it really love though?

SHAH ALAM: Her boyfriend was convicted of murdering her three-year-old daughter but Siti Nurha nim Aziz still loves him.

Siti Nurhanim Aziz, 25, said she was not even angry with Mohd Fazli Azri Jamil who was sentenced to death by the High Court here yesterday for killing Syafiah Humaira Sahari earlier this year.

“He (Mohd Fazli) loved my daughter so much, therefore I love him,” the sales assistant told reporters at the court here yesterday.

Describing the 28-year-old taxi driver as a loving person, she said she was not satisfied with the court’s verdict which found her boyfriend guilty of the crime. It was also Mohd Fazli’s 28th birthday yesterday.

Still in love: Siti Nurhanim walking out of the High Court in Shah Alam.

Asked if she forgave him, a teary Siti Nurhanim said: “I was never angry at him all this while. He had no intention to kill Syafiah. He is innocent.”

Siti Nurhanim is said to be married to former policeman Sahari Usul, who is currently detained at the Sungai Buloh prison for a separate murder.

In his ruling, Justice Mohtarudin Baki found Mohd Fazli guilty of murdering the girl by kicking and stepping on her with his football boots at a football field on Feb 25.

Mohd Fazli kissed Siti Nurhanim on the cheek as police officers led him away after the judgment was delivered.

His mother Norhaziah Yusof, 52, cried out: “My son is innocent”, as family members sobbed in the public gallery.

Mohd Fazli is taken away after his sentencing yesterday.

A smiling Mohd Fazli then turned to reporters and said sarcastically: “Thank you very much, reporters.”

Justice Mohtarudin said the injuries suffered by Syafiah Humaira were inconsistent with the defence’s claim that the child fell off a motorcycle.

Although Mohd Fazli claimed he was high on drugs and had drunk two bottles of stout at the time of the offence, the judge ruled that self-induced intoxication was not a complete defence.

“It is clear that the accused was rational at the time as he was able to drive his taxi to the field and back,” said Justice Mohtarudin.

He added that Mohd Fazli’s act of slamming the car door on the girl and stepping on her with his football boots was unacceptable and showed that he had intended to murder the child.

Lawyer Gurbachan Singh, who represented Mohd Fazli, said he received instructions from his client to appeal against the conviction. Deputy Public Prosecutors Idham Abd Ghani, Hanim Mohd Rashid and Zureen Elina Mohd Dom acted for the prosecution

Wah..the family can claim the guy is innocent some more. What, he thought the girl's head was the ball is it???? KNN
And this is another interesting piece of news. Malaysian jailed for sexual grooming? What? On the chatroom, everyone can hide behind fake IDs, name, pictures. It would be hard to tell. Unless you do video call. Last time when I chat on IRC, everyone used nicknames but I guess everyone was being honest, sort of. I mean never once I got cheated or tricked which was quite a relief.

Scary, last time parents can control who we hang out with, and check on us once in a while, now that things are mostly done on the net, it's a bit tough to monitor the children activity. Unless the parents are actually really good hackers, or got this monitoring system like the Feds, or CIA. LOL

SINGAPORE: A man posed as a schoolgirl on a social networking site and cajoled an 11-year-old girl to do indecent acts in front of her webcam.

Unknown to the victim, Poong Foo Yun (pic), 25, a Malaysian, recorded her sexual acts, and later threatened to release the video onto the Internet if she did not comply with his instructions.

On Wednesday, the unemployed man was given a total of 19 months’ jail on three charges.

He had pleaded guilty to procuring a child to perform an indecent act; sexual penetration of a minor and sexual grooming in 2008.

Three other charges were taken into consideration when Poong was sentenced.

Pressing for a substantial jail term, DPP Kevin Yong cited several aggravating factors. He said Poong used the Internet to deceive the victim into believing that he was a 15-year-old girl when he was 23 at the time.

‘It is an aggravating factor because not only would he have the pleasure of viewing the footages repeatedly at his leisure, but also because he made use of the footages to issue a thinly veiled threat to release the videos onto the Internet if the victim did not comply with his instructions in the future.” DPP Kevin Yong said.

Poong, who was arrested at Redhill MRT station in October when he turned up to meet the victim, preyed on the young and vulnerable victim to satisfy his own lust, said the DPP. — Straits Times/ANN

hmm I am looking forward to the day where less stories like these on the news.



mizz sue said...

macam -macam berlaku..poning kepala..

hakimfaridzul said...

kalau aku ada anak, dibunuh oleh teman perempuan aku, sure aku bunuh dia balik!itu aku rasa...

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

@___@ poning kopalo den, mizz sue. =P

hakimfaridzul, aku rasa takde orang boleh terima kalau anak kene bunuh dengan cara yang sengaja. =/ agak pelik macam mana die boleh sayang lagi laki tu. maafkan mungkin, tapi sayang? hmmmmmm


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