Monday, September 27, 2010

Masuk Masuk Lagi!

Funny how blogging works. Sometimes you just feel like the ideas overflowing, sometimes it's just d dead dry up there. Nothing at all.

And it's funny too when you're trying really really hard to get the mood back on. The results would be something laughable like this

do you know what is a microorganism? if you think microorganism is something that you can't see with your naked eyes, then, you are partially wrong

Cakap pasal microorganism pulak dah!! When actually I was just trying to get a decent intro about public transport in Malaysia. =___=

But when you got 'it' back, you can just let the fingers do all the work. Yeah really. That cool. You know what to do when you have a goal. If you don't have one, everything you type out just doesn't seem, feel and sound right. As I'm typing this down now, I know what I wanna talk about (meaning, the goal) and all ideas are just coming in right now. I love the feeling.

The same goes with life. You've got a goal, you will know what to do. I noticed how some people on facebook keep on telling the world how life sucks and everyone is against them. Well, if those people don't do that often I take it that they are facing some problems every now and then so it's understandable to act that way when you are frustrated things don't go your way. But I just can't accept it if they've been ranting about their supposedly miserable lives over and over again, almost everyday.

Dudes, babes, start looking for a goal in your life. Kinda sad to see that Muslims who should already know their main goals still are wandering aimlessly, and complaining here and there.

Nak wat apew aa?

Kenaper org llk ni ssh nk phm org pompuan?

And something along those lines. I feel pity. I feel sorry. I wonder if I was acting like them last time. =p *sarcasm detected*

Well, I'm not one to talk since at the moment I am kinda lost to what kind of job I wanna do. Last time I told myself maybe I can be a science translator. You know, read all those journals and 'translate' it to English. A widely spoken language. Reminds me of the time when I was studying with the gf and she had a look at my notes and she didn't understand a single thing. It could be my handwriting actually =P

As of now, I just apply every single job that got to do with science. I've been actively jobhunting since raya. Kinda regret not starting it earlier since a lot of job vacancies at some government agencies have already expired at the end of August goddammit! But I shall prevail, and persevere. And put more efforts. And pray to God. Complaining to God (or to Facebook friends) how life sucks because my dream jobs have already expired isn't gonna bring me anywhere. Ah, but I do complain how my gaming life sucks. I have yet to get that game consoles of mine fixed. The Red Ring of Death. How I hate thou.

ps: I know I already said this last time but I am in love with my old self back in uni. =P But I'm sure as that the gf doesn't like all those wavy, long hair and my drug addict's face.

Which part of this looks like a drug addict? Enlighten me please, someone. =P



mizz sue said...

ish mane ade cam tu..kamu tetap hencem...kih kih

Darkbatman said...

hmm.. biase la 2 bro..kdg2 akn ade 1 masa kita lost.. then kita akn dpt balik dr kita..

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahah terima kasih mizz sue XP

ye benar tu bro. part n parcel of life mat salleh cakap. ;)


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