Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Learn To Speak Like Locals

What's up? This afternoon is gonna be busy. Busy doing what?


You guys are aware that in Terengganu, every word that ends with 'n' is pronounced with 'ng'.
Like the example given just now, - makan ----> makang.

Wanna try with other words? Sure keng. Hahahah. This is what you learn when your English teacher is someone who speaks with thick Tranung accent.

Oh, some people say Ganu, some say Tranung. Though it's claimed that Tranung is how the local people call it. Ganu is what the Kelantanese call Terengganu. I'm not sure about all this really. Heh.

Anyway, when you wanna speak like locals, don't exaggerate too much. People know. Don' say too many words that end with 'n'. I always got teased last time by my relatives - Mu makang ikang dalang pinggang tepi jalang ke? ----> Kamu makan ikan dalam pinggan tepi jalan ke?
Notice how dalam has also been converted to dalang? Actually this rule also applies to words that end with 'm'. Like ketam, dalam, padam.

And it can get confusing if you're still new to this dialect. Because padan and padam will be similarly pronounced.

Ah...but if you mix with the locals you should get used to the lingo and before you know it, you can already speak like locals!

New languages, dialects are not that hard to learn. You need to practice. Always. So, don't give up when you learn new stuffs.

ps: What's the point of this whole damn entry anyway? =P



zermye adnan said... org yg mmg trganu pure je yg leh ckp btul2 loghat rganu....bunyi mmg ad sebutn dia xdk la sekasar yg org biasa2 sbut...

*jeSSicA* said...

hahaha yea i realised terengganu dialect has words ending with 'ng' when i went to pulau redang with my family in june...and some of the locals know both kelate and terengganu dialects. but it wasnt hard for us to communicate with the locals coz we know bahaso kelate anyway =P east coast rocks!

Farah Justme said...

i think ur gf might find this article interesting. hihi. how i mish tranung! :P

WenYi said...

lol...dah makang?? sounds really weird..but it's a pretty interesting read nontheless :D

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

haha ermie, memang benar bahasa ganu best =P tapi kasor sket bunyinya hahah

yeah jess, i cant speak kelate i have to say but i understand it. hehe and yes! East Coast ROCKS! EAST SIDE FTW!

farah, she found it weird n funny. but now she always asks me, "u makang dah belum?" =P

wenyi, yes, it is kinda weird for an outsider LOL at least u learned something. hahaha XD how did ur contest go?


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