Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Journey To Penang - Food Paradise LOL

Left Kerteh around 7 am, really early. I did update the blog via mobile twice. And thank God it didn't cost too much of my credit, around RM2 for 2 emails sent to my email address. I find it really convenient updating my blog via email instead of using GPRS on my phone and update it on blogger. If only my handphone's keypad is the QWERTY type hehehe.

Anyway, I think I will let the pictures do the talking. That's the very least a blogger like me can do when I'm too laz-I mean busy. ~lalalala~

The first photo I snapped, in Kemasik.

Waiting for the cousin to come to pick up the Kek Lapis she ordered from my mom.

I asked in one entry yesterday where was this picture (the right) taken?

Should be somewhere to/in Ipoh. LOL Those who answered it got it right. I guess it's a common sight, landmark for those who travel frequently on the PLUS highway.

Thought of using this picture and asked where was this picture taken. Changed my plan. Heh

After we reached rumah Tok and performed Asar, went to the Bazar Ramadhan. Or as many put it, Param? Hahaha

Many stalls selling foods here even though it was the 29th day of fasting already.

Ikan bakar was good...

Can hear the takbir from the masjid. Did the takbir also just now with my dad and Adib. Kids sure are having great time playing around, with the fireworks, firecrackers..Opps...hahah =P


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