Thursday, September 23, 2010


So, this evening I decided to go for a jog. Headed out of the home and ran into another jogger, wearing exactly red shirt just like me. I smiled at him, and he smiled back, shyly. And I was like, what the heck? For a second it felt like we were flirting? What the heck?!?!?!

Anyway, I continued jogging, thought of taking some photos. So I did. The photos turned out, artistic. I don't need any photo editing softwares to get such effect =P

My phone camera was high on drug.

Home sweet home...

I jogged for 11 minutes, and cooled down for another 3 minutes. I'm not sure if that's correct or not. I think I better go check out later on the forum =P. Good sweat and I'm looking forward to do it again. I must say though, I'm not used to jog when people look at you like one kind. Or maybe it was just me heh. Back in Gippsland, I only ran on the treadmill, and cycled for cardio. Oh and some skipping too. And after cardio, me and my gym buddies would work on the weights, dumbells, barbells and those fitness machines. Man, those were the days.

Baca Yassin, tengok camera buat apa. =P

Hmm, on another different thing. I believe with time humans are getting smarter, which means children are getting smarter too. To me, everyone has the potential to be someone great. And by great I don't mean scoring all As in exams and get a fabulous job with big pay only. My definition of someone great is a person who has, most of the time if not all the time, the positive attitude towards life, the people in it, and himself/herself. Ah, I think I better stop myself now, maybe I can talk about this in the near future. =P



mizz sue said...

comel budak yang bace yassin tu

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

oh semestinya comel. tapi nakal jugak. standard la tu. hehehehe


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