Sunday, September 26, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

Wah, today's task for the contest is a bit, ermm..boring? Yeah, I mean I can't come up with any extraordinary idea to make an interesting blog post for today's task. What's the challenge for today?

I should explain, here in my blog, why do i love the iPhone DiGi plan. Don't get me wrong. I believe DiGi has come up with a really affordable, interesting, eye catching iPhone plan. Really. Compared to another telco which also got iPhone 4 available in Malaysia =P

Anyway, let's just cut to the chase. No funny pictures. No jokes. Just gonna get straight to the point. So, Nuffnang, read this. This is one honest post. No tricks to get you fall in love with me. Okay just a lil bit. =P

As you all have known (to those who've been following my blog, thanks y'all XD) I'm pretty much broke. And still jobless. When I saw this the first time,

the first thing came to my mind "For real??!?!" So, when the official price plan was released on the website, I took a look at that and I said, yeah baby, I think I can get one of these iPhone alright.

Holy smoke! Monthly fee for RM60?? Sign up fast!!

From RM88 monthly fee, it's been cut down to RM6o. And to me the best thing is, I won't be charged after exceeding my monthly quota. It's not a "if I exceed my monthly quota" because I'm sure as that I am gonna exceed my monthly quota once I get my hands on this DiGi iPhone. LOL
As someone who always goes online on Facebook, Twitter (though not that active), checking emails and blogs, it is really really important that I can go online even when I'm away from my laptop and my house WiFi. I hate it when I go somewhere for holidays and I have to abandon my emails, blog. I don't really mind facebook because I subscribe to Facebook SMS. After a long break from blogging, it is really a challenging task to get the blogging mood back. And I don't want to end up missing a once in a lifetime opportunity when I found out that I just missed the due date to reply to an interview requests to confirm an invitation from Nuffnang to one of their events.
1GB is a lot, but I don't think that's enough for me. =P So, this is the thing that caught my eyes when I first had a look at the price plan. I don't make a lot of calls to other people except my family. And if I'm somewhere away from home, we always Skype, so yeah, other features of the plan are cool, decent enough I reckon.

So, that's it for today. 3 down 1 to go. Bring it on Nuffnang! =P



a's said...

dah menang iphone nanti jgn lupa credit utk kwn2 ye.hehehe! nice reading your blog

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

ah terima kasih singgah. hehe =D


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