Thursday, September 9, 2010

Boom Bang Boom

No, not the Korean pop band Big Bang. You can only hear this boom bang when Raya and Chinese New Year are around the corner.

I went to Pasar/Bazar Ramadhan a couple of time and saw how these mercun and bunga api were being sold openly. Sure, my adik did buy some. I guess it is all fun if no one is injured, killed playing with the firecrackers. My adik seems to know his way to get all these stuffs...he knows a lot of people I tell you =__= I guess, that's the perk of being one of the biggest guys in the place. LOL

Still, seeing all these stuffs being sold openly makes me wonder what is actually the government's stand on mercun and bunga api? Are they really against mercun? If so, why are those things still available? Could it be there are lubang, or the suppliers are always two steps ahead of the law enforcers?

Bunga api should be safe, under adults supervision that is =P



eqbalzack said...

lubang tu biasa kerja org dlm juga danial...

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

oh gitu ke abang eq.. hehe..rasanya macam tu jugak. ada main tak abang eq? ehehe =P


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