Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Apam Balik

I'm a die hard fan of apam balik. The best apam balik I've ever had :-

1. Apam balik Taman Saadon (or is it Saadom?) Penang.

2. Apam balik pasar malam Kerteh.

Anyway, back to the story. Yesterday I went to the pasar malam and decided to buy apam balik from this akak instead of the place I always buy from. Give chance.

They don't look bad, I told myself.

RM3 for 12 apam balik? Wow.. Oh I forgot to tell you guys, I prefer the thin, crispy apam balik. So, these apam baliks I bought look thin and crispy too. And cheap. Usually, what, RM1 for 3? I went back to the car, and had a bite.

I swear, if I got tooth problem, I don't think I can break the apam balik! So hard, like stones! All those apam balik! And I had 12 of those last night!! How can I finish all these??

But that's what family for right? Hahahha =P



eqbalzack said...

ujan kat sini...
perut lapor je...
keras mcmane pun apam balik tu abg eq boleh abeskan...hehe

mizz sue said...

ala..lapar pulak citer pasl apam ni..adoii

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahaha abang eq ni! betol ke? nanti patah pulak gigi!! tak pon berdarah gusi! haha over la pulak saya ni. XD

mizz sue, beli la apam balik nanti. hehe =P


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