Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where Was This Thing When We Needed One??

It was one year after the tsunami disaster that struck the nation. I was at Teluk Talib, Penang, catching prawns and shrimps with my Pak Teh, my cousin Hanan, and my bro Adib. In the water, we were being very careful as we looked around making sure there is no jellyfish. Too bad, my cousin Hanan was such an adventurer, he didn't give much thought about his safety and before he knew it, he felt a stinging sensation on his legs. The jellyfish got him!

Okay, cut the crap, I'm not gonna talk about my cousin got stung by jellyfish. I wanna talk about me being such a klutz that I forgot to take out my LG handphone then, from my pockets. And only after Hanan cried out of pain, I realised - OMG. My handphone. It was there in my pocket. I quickly rushed to the beach, took it out, and tried to dry it as best as I could. Since the cousin was not in a condition to be in the water, we all went back and my dad brought me to Bukit Jambul in case it can still be repaired.

All the shops said, ah, too late already, should have come here asap. What to do. Lucky me, my dad bought me a new handphone, the Motorola L6. But fate has its own way of doing things, when this Motorola L6 also met the same end as my old LG. I forgot to check my jeans before I dumped it in the washing machine..And the rest is history. Again I was lucky, because at the time, I had two phones, another one is the current Sony Ericsson I'm using now which I got for my 21st birthday from my housemate Dicky.

The Japanese Dryer Box will bring your soaked, wet mobile phone to life.

You see, this is not a photocopy machine (though it looks like one). This, is 'Dryer Box' invented by a Japanese company. Its only purpose is to save water-damaged mobile phones. As I was reading the article, all the things that happened in the past kept flashing in my mind. "If only, if only this thing was around back then.."

In Japan, this dryer is available to be used at convenience stores. If after the drying, your mobile phone is working, then you will be charged $12. Hey, not bad considering you don't have to buy a new phone which will cost you more than that. And even after drying your phone in the machine it still doesn't work, you won't be charged.

Too bad, this thing is so far, available only in Japan.

So for now, fellow readers, be. careful.



♥ LaDy_mYx ♥ said...

haha! i dropped my phone in a jag full of water and ice! This may help! Xp

(I will fly to japan just for this? LOL!)

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

not exactly a great idea is it? hahah =P


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