Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Veterans Out, Europe Power

I'm talking about the Badminton World Championship. Though I haven't played badminton since last May, I still am passionate about the game alright. We all know, Lee Chong Wei is up against the lanky Hafiz Hashim. Let's just hope the best man win (though I hope LCW win, I'll go back on this some time this month).

Anyway, I just checked the Badminton World Federations (BWF) official website and read the latest news on the tournament. Malaysian veterans, Tan Fook/Wan Wah were defeated by the Germans!
In badminton!?
Shocking, man!

Not only that, the former world no.1 Tony Gunawan-Howard Bach also were ousted by another European country, England in a straight set some more! WTH! The end of era I guess. But looking how things are at the moment, badminton might no longer be dominated by Malaysia and China only.

The Americans (left) and the Malaysians (right). Both pairs used to dominate the major tournaments.

Take the recent YOG badminton games. Both single events were won by the young players of Thailand. Malaysian shuttler, Loh was defeated by the young Thai en route winning the gold medal. Not only Thailand, but India seems to be on roll as well.

With Malaysia lacking young, potential badminton players I am worried that in future, we will be known as the country who used to be the best only. Can't rely too much on BAM. Gotta start yourself if you want to produce promising badminton talents. Don't discourage your kids, little siblings to play if they are interested. Worth a try to give a shot don't you think so?

I guess playing badminton with my lil' bro at the moment is a good start. =P




[z@ck] said...

i'm into badminton too =)

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

haha cool. i guess wud be an advantage for a tall girl like u! ;)


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