Friday, August 27, 2010

Twilight - Two Moons (LOL)

Hola~just got back from masjid. And my head is like killing me right now, but I'll survive. heh.

Anyway, did you guys hear about the two moons phenomenon that will happen tonight? Well, not exactly two moons, but you will get to see Mars so close that it looks like just another moon. As a matter of fact, when me and my dad stopped by at 7E just now, my neighbour who happened to be there told us, that you can actually spot the 4th planet in the solar system behind the moon. Though I'm not really sure if that is really Mars, but I did see something behind, a bit shadowy object.

A bit skeptic about it because I haven't seen any news about it on the paper. But I remember when I was small seeing a big moon. The biggest moon I've ever seen. Then again, that memory is from when I was a small kid, so cute small version of Danial Jaafar here could be exaggerating. =P

My dad told me that he read somewhere that Mars will be so close to Earth tonight but if a planet is too close to another planet, won't they collide because of the pulling gravitational force between the two planets? I'm not sure, it's been a long time since I did physics. Heh.

The thing is, I was excited to see Mars so close to earth that it appears almost as similar as the moon. So when I got back just now, I thought, hey why don't we google to check around what time can the two moons be seen. Turns out, it is just a hoax spread via email! =S

Apparently the hoax has been around since 2003, when Mars was 56 million kilometers away - the closest Mars has ever been!

A bit disappointed, but seeing the full moon just by itself is not bad. Full moon is pretty. Won't you agree with me, Twilight fans? XP



Hann said...

yeah its just a hoax. the next 2 moon phenomenon will be occur in year 2287 (accordindg to nasa), which means we will not around anymore, huhu..

Aidi-Safuan said...

hahahaha... mula la nak berangan peminat-peminat twilight nih. :P

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

yep, most likely we wont be around.unless we're vampires LOL

aidi-safuan, kenapa plak berangan-angan? hahaha


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