Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sports Update (LOL)

Morning! Though I bet not many people are awake at this hour unless you're somewhere to the east of Malaysia. Anyway, 2nd round Men's Singles of Badminton World Championship has just wrapped up.

As expected, Lee Chong Wei advances to the third round after defeating fellow compatriot Hafiz Hashim 21-16, 21-16, straight set. He will be up against this player from England who won against Danes Jans O Jorgensen, a seeded playe in the tournament.

Joining our world no.1 player in the third rounds - Taufik Hidayat and Lin Dan. Lin Dan got no problem sending his opponent packing back home. But Taufik surely had difficulties in his 2nd round match; getting adjusted to the courts condition, the pressure being the only Indonesian in the tournament. Apparently because the air-cond is not turned on, the heat in the stadium is kinda unbearable to some players. Taufik himself admitted still "getting adjusted to the courts conditions". But I gotta say, I like his confidence -

“But I was never worried as I knew I could win..."

Lin Dan will be up against his countryman Bao Chunlai. Would be interesting if Bao Chulai could win this one. Probably will make things easier for LCW. But I doubt that's gonna happen. =P

That's all about badminton for now. Oh, 2nd round doubles hasn't started yet I believe. Malaysia's only hope is Triple K-Boon Heong. Woohoo~ good luck, and they need it as they are up against one of China's double pair. I don't know their names. Hahahaha.

Other sports event? Let's see. I got the result of FIBA warm-up game between the US and Greece. US won with a convincing 28 points gap 87-59. I don't really follow US basketball though I play the game. I only know the big shots, and not much about the young players. And it looks like this team got some new, young players as most of the players who were part of the team that won the Olympic gold medal 2 years did not play.

Steve Curry going for the ball

All is good for the US. Sooner or later, they still need somebody to replace those star players. And with this win they will be more motivated going to the world championship.



molmolla said...

uhuk!!! nak lee chong wei menang jugak!! tak kira. hari2 kt paper cakap pasal DAH BOSAN DENGAN TITLE NO1 DUNIA. tapi kejuaraan dunia tak pernah nak memang

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahaha agak la. dah 2 kali kalah dengan orang indonesia. lee chong wei ni sama kes dengan tiger woods yang tak pernah menang ryder cup. tapi lee chong wei takde skandal hahaha XP

molmolla said...

haruslah!!! kalau ada scandal, aku tarik gelaran die :) errr.. hahaha. opsss, semoga beregu pun menang~

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahaha!! ye, harap2 menang. dah top beregu dunia tu. hati aku kecewa beberapa kali sudah. go Malaysia GO!!


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